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Comply with data privacy obligations in a few clicks, within a few minutes.

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With Privly, anonymization of personally identifiable information can be seamlessly introduced as part of:

Data Aggregation

Data Pipelines

Data Workflows

Data Governance

What can  Privly  deliver for your organization?

Privly’s core anonymization capabilities

Masking & Redaction

Organizations can choose to either mask or redact personal identifiable information. Masking replaces data profiles with inauthentic information that follows the same structure. On the other hand, redaction blocks the selected data profiles.


When each piece of information (name, address, mobile number, etc.) is masked or redacted, Privly swaps it with a Poly-Anonymous Identifier (Poly-ID). Each Poly-ID is unique, inconsistent, unpredictable, has multiple potential values, and is not hashed.

Data matching

Because every anonymized datapoint has a Poly-ID, Privly users can combine multiple datasets in a way that matches records at the individual level without revealing personal identifiable information.

More reasons to protect your enterprise data with Privly

Limitless scalability

As a cloud-based solution, Privly scales with the size or volume of your data assets. There’s no project that’s too big to manage.

Anonymize in
non-production environments

The anonymization process can be done directly within a non-production database.

Original data with PII
untouched and protected

Privly secures “at rest” data. Even the Privly team won’t be able to read the original datasets containing sensitive profiles.

Everything within your enterprise firewall

Anonymization, analysis, and any form of data handling is done inside your enterprise systems. Nothing goes outside of your firewall.

Easy set-up

Delivered via API & Docker Container

All of Privly’s capabilities are managed through an API.

Further, Privly is delivered to your enterprise firewalls through a Docker Container.

You can host Privly on any type of infrastructure, including a public cloud, a private cloud, or an on-premise data center.

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